The DynaVap VapCap M puts a fresh spin on the original VapCap. A sleek new look and upgraded design make the M a fan favorite. This back-to-basics vaporizer has a rugged design and unmatched portability. Ultra-compact and easy to use, the VapCap M’s simplicity is its biggest selling point.

DynaVap History

For those who are new to this brand, DynaVap is a U.S.-based company that designs, manufactures and engineers all of their vaporizers right in Wisconsin. Everything is manufactured in-house and using the highest quality materials.   For someone that has years of reviewing the latest tech from foreign countries, this is a huge plus for DynaVap.

DynaVap specializes in the manufacturing of butane vaporizers, but they also offer induction heaters that you can use instead of a torch lighter (more on that soon).

Think of DynaVap vaporizers as your off-grid vape solution.

What is the DynaVap VapCap M?

DynaVap M

The VapCap M is a butane vaporizer with a manual, 1-hitter design. There’s no battery to recharge or temperature dials to mess with. Just use a torch lighter to heat things up, and you’re ready to start vaping.

The VapCap M puts the ritual back into vaping, and it puts you in full control of the experience. And at just 3.5” long, this vaporizer is truly pocket-sized and one of the smallest units on the market.

Users enjoy a fully customizable experience. The newly updated design features a 10mm mouthpiece and a groove on the body to make assembly easier.

The Captive Cap comes with locking ridges that keep the cap firmly in place during use. Asymmetrical chiral air ports cool the vapor, but you can cover these holes to control the airflow.

The Adjust-a-Bowl feature allows you to raise the screen to create a smaller space to pack your material. The extraction chamber can be reduced by 50% for easy micro-dosing.

Airflow vents in the faceted tip help create bigger, thicker clouds, and the fin design keeps the vapor cool. A tactile and audible click let you know that the vaporizer is hot and ready for use. Temperatures range from 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

DynaVap ships the VapCap M in a fully recyclable box, so they get bonus points in the eco-friendly department.


Vapcap M Features and Specs
how does the vapcap m work?

  • Tapered 10mm mouthpiece
  • Captive Cap
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Tactile and audible temperature notification
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heats up in seconds
  • 5″ in length
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.

How to Use the VapCap M Vaporizer

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If you’ve never used a butane vaporizer, you probably have a lot of questions.

How do you know when the vaporizer is hot enough? How do you control the vapor?

Here’s how it works:

  • DynaVap recommends giving the VapCap a few tries while it’s empty just to get a feel for how this vaporizer works. Once this vape reaches the right temperature, it will click. You should hear and/or feel the click. A few dry runs will help you get used to this way of vaping. It’s important to heat the middle of the cap – not the end (it’s not a cigarette). It should take no more than 5-6 seconds to heat things up.
  • When you’re ready to start using the VapCap M, make sure that it’s cooled down.
  • Remove the cap and fill the chamber with your preferred material. Pre-grinding isn’t necessary with this vape.
  • Replace the cap.
  • Use your torch lighter to heat the metal cap of the VapCap M while rotating it.
  • Continue heating and rotating until you feel and/or hear a click.
  • The VapCap M is now ready for use.

The VapCap will click again when it’s cooled down, letting you know that it’s ready for your next hit.

If you want to kick up the intensity of the vapor and flavor, use the air adjustment port. Cleaning is easy, too.

  • Use the “digger outer” tool to clean out the chamber.
  • Clean the body with hot water.

DynaVap Induction Heater

DynaVap Induction Heater saleThe Perfect Complement to the VapCap M

The VapCap M is perfect for on-the-go use. You don’t have to worry about batteries. Its stainless-steel construction means that it’s built to last. There are no “moving parts” to worry about.

But for those times when you don’t want to or can’t use a torch lighter, the Apollo 2, DynaVap’s Induction Heater, is a great accessory to have on hand. It gives you an alternative option for heating up your VapCap M.

Created by DynaTec (maker of DynaVap), the Apollo 2 is a wall-powered heater designed exclusively for use with the DynaVap VapCap.

The Apollo 2 heats up the VapCap in just 5-8 seconds. Here’s how it works:

  • Gently press the VapCap into the chamber until a red light appears.
  • Hold the vaporizer in place until you hear it click.

Essentially, it’s just a different way to heat up your VapCap. The only drawback? You’ll need to be near a wall socket. It eliminates some of the portability of this vaporizer, but it also gives you a more consistent experience.

DynaTec’s induction heater uses a circuit to send high-frequency AC signals to a coil, which creates an electromagnetic field. The field interacts with the ferrous tip to create Eddy currents, which heat up the pen.

The induction heater offers some benefits compared to the butane torch, but it does remove some of the personal and ritual aspects of using the VapCap.

If you’re new to this style of vaping, the induction heater eliminates the learning curve. Just take out the VapCap when it clicks, and you’re good to go. The induction heater delivers more consistent hits compared to a torch lighter, especially if you’re new to this vaping style.

The torch method still has its benefits. It makes the VapCap M more portable, and you get thicker hits with the torch lighter.

Still, the induction heater is a nice accessory to have and gives you more options for using your VapCap M.


Who is the VapCap M For?

DynaVap Vaporizers For Sale

Works for her. Works for me!

The VapCap M is ideal for anyone who:

  • Wants a truly portable vaporizer
  • Wants an off-grid vaporizer – no batteries, nothing stopping you from vaping anytime
  • Is looking for a quality 1-hitter
  • Wants a vaporizer that was designed and manufactured in the U.S.

The VapCap M is reliable because it doesn’t have any electrical components. You can use it anytime, anywhere without ever having to worry about recharging it. All you need is a lighter and some herbs. Because it doesn’t heat your herbs in between inhales, it’s one of the more efficient vaporizers out there.

The VapCap M is proof that vaporizing doesn’t have to be complicated or high-tech. The M takes you back to basics, and that’s its biggest appeal.

If you’re looking for a manual 1-hitter, put the VapCap M at the top of your list.

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Vapcap M Review
  • Vapor Quality - 8/10
  • Portability - 10/10
  • Value - 10/10


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