Portable vaporizers are growing in popularity, a fact that is reflected in the sheer number of options that you have when they go to purchase one in 2016. The one that is “best” will be the one that best suits your budget, your needs, and your desires and, if you are looking for an inexpensive portable unit but do not want to sacrifice quality, then the Arizer Air is definitely the ideal buy for you.

Arizer Air Review

arizer air vaporizer

The Arizer Air is the successor to the highly-popular Arizer Solo. It improves upon the original’s design while still maintaining the quality that made the Solo such a favorite.

The Air is smaller than the solo, measuring 122mm by 29mm, but it still delivers the same kind of high-quality vapor.

The Air has five different temperature settings from which to choose, with the highest being 410F. In our testing, we found that the lower settings were our favorite, as it did not take as long for the device to warm up to those temperatures and it better maintained the taste of the herb.

Arizer Air Pros

Arizer Air Review

Swappable batteries

The Arizer Air uses external batteries, which means that they are replaceable.

This is in contrast to vaporizers that use an internal battery, which is a much larger hassle. With the Air, if something goes wrong with a battery, you can just pop it out and replace it.

When the battery is built into the unit, a problem with the battery usually means that you will have to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.


Priced at around $270, the Arizer Air is one of the less expensive vaporizers on the market today.


Pass-through charging

The Air can be used while it is on the charger, meaning that as long as you have access to a power source, you never have to wait for your vaporizer to recharge.


The Air resembles other e-liquid vapes and is much less conspicuous than many other vaporizers. In places where laws are more draconian, this camouflage is necessary.

Easy to use

To use the Air, you simply hold down the one button on the front to turn it on, then use the same button to cycle through the five different temperature settings, which range from 356F to 410F. The Air is also easy to pack—you pull the mouthpiece out and scoop out material with the bowl at its base. As long as your grinder works well, you shouldn’t need any specialized tools.

A Few Possible Drawback From Our Arizer Air Vape Tests

Warm-up time

The Air takes about 2 minutes to heat up. This is a bit longer than some other models, such as the Firefly, and makes it ill-suited for sneaky, on-the-fly vaping. If you’re the type who wants to be able to whip out your vape and take a quick hit every so often, this two minute warm-up time may be too much to make the Air useful.   However, we find it is well worth the small warm up time because the quality of the vapor is drastically improved versus the cheaper, combustion based models.


The Air’s mouthpieces are made of glass (yes, plural—the Air comes with two different mouthpieces), making it more fragile than other vaporizers. This impacts its portability; you can’t throw this into a backpack or let it sit haphazardly in your pocket.   On the one hand, this is not a drawback because you want to take care of any vape in the price range and the extra care required when handling this model can help you take care of your investment for many years.


Arizer Air vs Solo

Arizer Air vs Solo

Arizer Air vs Solo Size Comparison

For many of us, the Arizer Solo was the introduction into high end vaporizers.

Before the Solo was on the market, portable devices were mostly modded e-cig style pens that struggled to provide consistent vapor quality.   The Arizer Solo changed the market for ever, in fact it is still selling quite well and the value is starting to go back up in 2016.

The good news is that the Air model is half the total size of the Air and is much easier to take with you on the go.  For our testing, vape quality is the deciding factor and the vapor quality is nearly identical with the Arizer Air.

The flavor and fullness is among the best vapes we have ever tested- that includes desktop units like Da Buddha and the Volcano.

Our Verdict

At around $270, the Air is one of the least expensive portable vaporizers of high quality.

It provides a decent number of customizability options, great-tasting and potent vapor, is easy to use, and provides plenty camouflage for vaping on the down low.

If you can handle the longer-than-usual warm-up time and aren’t afraid of the glass stems, then the Air is a great, low-priced vaporizer that should not be ignored.

Arizer Air Vaporizer Rating
  • Vapor Quality - 8.5/10
  • Portability - 7/10
  • Value - 8/10



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