Vaporizer Shopping Guide

Vaporizer Shopping Guide

“Everyone is doing it!”, you might hear when it comes to vaporizers and vaping.

Maybe you have been a smoker for a while and you would like to try something new, but don’t know where to start. Surely all these new gadgets and options and prices can be confusing for anyone, so we decided to help anyone looking to buy their first vaporizer.

Good research is half the work! When you’re planning to add some changes to your lifestyle and invest in a vaporizer or two, you usually take some time, investigate the market, compare several different vaporizers and their features. Looking it all up might take some time, but you will probably find excatly what you need and what fits your lifestyle, budget and expectations. Take a look at our vaporizer shopping guide.

When deciding on the type of the vaporizer you will buy, you need to keep in mind your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, you would want your vaporizer to be easy to carry around. In case you are more a homebody and even enjoy sharing a smoke with your friends, then you will enjoy a desktop vaporizer.

There are two different heating methods in vaporizers, conduction and convection.

Each one has its good and bad sides. Convection heats the herb only when you are drawing, while in conduction vaporizers the herb is in contant contact with the heat source. The latter vaporizers heat up faster and are cheaper, but former ones use less herb and it’s easier to control the temperature.

The power source you’ll go with again depends on the lifestyle. Desktop vaporizers all have external power source – they get electricity using a wall adapter. Portable and pen vaporizers have several power sources. Battery operated vaporizers are most popular. They could either use regular batteries or have one built in like in cell phones. Flame and butane (like in lighters) are two other, less popular power sources for portable vaporizers.

Being able to control the temperature, allows you to have a consistent temperature and target the release of specific ingredients in herbs. It’s a nice additional feature but not something users can’t be without. Vaporizers can come with fixed temperature, or can allow user to set their own using an analog dial – knob, or digital controls.

You can also pick what you want your vaporizer to use – dry herbs or wet ones in form of a concentrate, whether oil, wax or liquid. Each has its benefits and bad sides, so at the end, it depends on your taste and how available either herbs or oils are to you.

Portable vaporizers are something many pick in the end, becuase they are smaller in size than desktop ones but more powerful than pen ones – a good middle. At the end of this infographic, we suggest you some of our favorite portable vaporizers, for every budget.